Handmade Laos Face Mask (3 designs)

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These beautifully-designed face masks are handmade by vulnerable communities in Laos. Although Laos has (to date) managed to contain the virus, many communities feel vulnerable.  Large families live together in small houses, and here the health care system couldn't handle an epidemic. For every one of these handmade Laos face masks a customer buys, they give one mask to someone that needs it. 

They are constructed from 3 layers of fabric, cotton on the outside with a middle filter layer inside. There is a metal strip inserted in the top edge to shape around the nose for a closer fitting. 

About the Organisation

Passa Paa is a social enterprise that aims to link the Hmong artisan to the rest of the world. Long time friends, Pok (Hmong/Lao artisan) and Heather (British textile designer) saw a need for Hmong artisans and hemp farmers in Laos to find a market for their skills and raw materials. In 2012 Heather and Pok began researching more about traditional Hmong techniques hemp and cotton production in northern Laos. They began combining Heather’s design background with Pok’s artisan ideas to re-produce the Hmong motifs in contemporary ways through the combination of screen print with applique and cross-stitch embroidery.

Finer Details:

  • Medium - 15cm from top edge around to under the chin. Large- 16cm from top edge around to under the chin, Kids - 12cm from top edge around to under the chin.
  • M and L: 12cm from centre fold to the outer edge. S: 10cm from centre fold to the outer edge.
  • 3 layers: an inner lining, a surgical cloth and a Passa Paa trademark handmade print design
  • Washable and reusable
  • Adjustable straps

How to wear your mask:

-Fully cover your nose and mouth, hooking the elastic behind your ears

-Don't touch the front of it

-Wash your hands before & after putting it on or taking it off

-Wash mask regularly with your normal laundry