Coffee Mug (Lilac and Lemon)

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Curved furniture and powdery hues were the highlight of our favourite era; the Eighties. Inspired by those elements, the ceramic wizards at HK Living created a playful mix of organic-shaped tableware in blush pinks with touches of blue hues and sunny yellow softness. AND WE LOVE IT. Crank your cupboard up a notch with these stylish coffee mugs. 

HKliving is a Dutch interior brand founded by Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver.he combination of a creative mind and a mathematical brain has turned out to be a winning formula. HKliving creates accessible collections with products inspired by traditional and useable designs while respecting its history, but always to give it a modern look and feel.

Finer Details

  • Dimensions:  7x7x8cm
  • Material: Stoneware/Glaze
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Microwave safe: yes