Why Thrift?

Stylish Sustainability

Fast fashion is damaging our planet. Kind of strange for a clothes shop to be slating the fashion industry perhaps? But listen more closely. 

Fast fashion (where shops pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap) is adding to the enormous problem our planet faces daily. Mounting pressures to reduce costs and lessen the time it takes to get a product from design to the rails means that environmentally-conscious corners are likely to be cut. And that's not OK.

Cheap, thoughtless clothing manufacturers use toxic dyes which are disposed of in waterways, causing pollution. In making cheap clothes, cheap labour is often relied on to ensure that manufacturing virgin fabric is fast and cheap. Cheap cotton requires harmful farming methods and vast amounts of water just to make one t-shirt. Along with this, new clothes bought in the UK produce more carbon emissions per minute than driving a car around the world six times.

These are just some of the many reasons why fast fashion SUCKS. 

It’s not about never buying new, that wouldn't be realistic. It’s about making responsible choices and not buying new every time. Choose small businesses and support your local economies, and make a stand by not choosing fast fashion.

At Syrup & SALT I always source responsibly-made sweatshirts and t-shirts because it matters to me that I’m leaving as little a carbon-footprint on this planet as possible. I use recycled brown paper to package up my parcels because plastic is a very real threat to our world. I know that quality counts, and I know that my customers demand more so that is what I provide. But now I propose to go one step further...

vintage jacket cornwall

The Shift to Thrift

Fashion is at a pivotal place right now where sustainability and repurposing is about to go mainstream. And Syrup & SALT is hoping to lead the way in this upsurge for thrift shops in Cornwall and beyond…

Forget the heavy fabrics and mothballed clothing of old... When I say thrift I mean exciting, rare, sought-after vintage and contemporary pieces which have lived a life and have a story to tell. 

Forget low-quality ‘Primarni’ and suchlike; instead embrace the quality of an era when clothes were made to last. Re-salvaged sweaters, dresses, shirts and denim that is pre-loved and already worn-in, boasting that familiar comfort that only comes with pre-worn clothes. 

Vintage Repurposed

I want amazing clothes to have a second chance at life before they hit the recycle pile so I search high and low for items I adore before reworking them and giving them a little Syrup & SALT flourish. Collated, created, pre-loved and repurposed. Taking something already beautiful then customising it, styling it and upcycling it to make it yours. Because why would you want to look the same as Martha down the road anyway?

reworked by syrup and salt

Reworked by Syrup & SALT

My Reworked collection is constantly evolving and each piece is a true one off. This means it's impossible to keep the website up-to-date with all the Reworked clothes I have in store so pop in for a chat and to browse the rails of my new store in Foundry Court, Wadebridge. You never know what you may find... 

vintage Nike Air

vintage trousers

vintage shop wadebridge

vintage shirt

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