Sustainable Collection

Choosing clothing that already exists is the most sustainable and responsible way of shopping. I want amazing clothes to have a second chance at life before they hit the recycle pile. Fashion which is pre-faded, pre-worn and aged-to-perfection leaves the lightest footprint on this beautiful planet of ours. Choosing items from the past is the savvy choice for people who care about the future.  

This collection boasts one-off originals you won't find elsewhere. Uniquely yours...

Say 'no' to the culture of disposable fashion, cheap labour and unsustainable farming methods with Syrup and SALT's sustainable collection. I use pre-loved sweatshirts (often with telltale signs of a life well lived!) and breathe new life into them with new designs to give them a longer, more beautiful future. They save the planet and they save your pocket too. What's cosier than a pre-worn sweatshirt anyway? 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection