Kknekki Hair Ties by Bon Dep

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Syrup and SALT is a proud supplier of the Kknekki hair tie by Scandinavian brand Bon Dep. Invest once in Kknekki and you won't have to keep buying single-use cheap plastic hair bands that snap and break, so you're also saving the planet. These stylish hair ties are woven from more than 60 threads with a unique technique to make them keep their resilience over time. 

The unique spinning and weaving technique doesn't only give these wonder bands an almost endless possible number of colour combinations, it also makes sure they won't fade or fray even when worn in salt water. Kknekki hair bands are extremely soft and gentle to any kind of hair and snag-free. They really couldn't be more perfect... (look better on the wrist than a scabby old elastic too)