Star and Lightning Bolt Necklace in a Sweetie Box

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This is cute. An enamel star with lightning charm on a coloured ball chain, all packaged in a sweetie box. It's a lucky dip (just like when you were a kid) so make your order and see what you get! 

  • Assorted colours (lucky dip!)
  • Extension chain
  • Packaged in a candy sweet box
  • Enamel star colours: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow , Orange, Turquoise

    Lavi and Belle

    Who said luxury couldn't be fun? Known for its trademark individuality and craftsmanship, Lavi & Belle rarely creates the same design twice. From chains, delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings and jewelry for special occasions, each piece is handmade and exclusively designed and assembled in their Notting Hill studio.